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Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 1 adds swimming and more

Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 1 Details

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been steady about pushing out a bunch of new content. Now, things are about to get a little hot, but in a good way. ACNH has another new update planned for early next month that begins the Summer celebration in earnest. The new Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 1 is due on July 3, bringing with it a bunch of new features.

The Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 1 focuses obviously on Summer fun. There is another update planned as well after this one. The Summer Update Wave 2 will be arriving in early August, and both of these updates are free for players. Nintendo has also teased some details about the new content.

Swimming around the island will finally be a thing in the Switch title with the first of these two updates. The swimming and diving mechanics from New Leaf, will be brought back. Players will be able to swim around the islands in the game and take advantage of a bunch of new resources that they find. And yes, that means that a bunch of new DIY Recipes are due for the update as well.

Players can swim and dive around their islands looking for a variety of new Recipes, which will be crafted from the items like the ones listed below:

  • Sea star
  • Sea anemone
  • Spotted garden eel
  • Scallop
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To polish off things, the Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 1 will add a new NPC to the game. Pascal is a new neighbor that shows up to help you fish and hunt for various deep seas treasures. You can speak to them to make use of the things you find while diving. Gulliver, another NPC added recently, will have some new trades and stuff to unlock as you play through the new content as well.

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