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How to Leave a Guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic


Have you ever wanted to explore a galaxy far, far away? Well, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can do just that. Over the years the game has added tons of new classes to play as, and planets to explore. You could join the Jedi or the Sith in a galactic war, and have tons of fun doing so. The game offers a rich and detailed story for each class as well. The shining point of the game, aside from the stories, is the community.

Guilds in MMOs are a big part of the experience. They take many different forms, ones often unique to the game they exist in. With SWTOR, they exist for different reasons, reasons often plastic to the needs of members. Some guilds exist to be PvP-focused and fight in battlegrounds. Other guilds exist to run PvE instances to farm the best loot. Others might just be purely social, and give their members a place to chill.

But if your current guild isn’t working, you can always find a new one. If you want to find something new to do, here’s how to leave a Guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

How to Leave a Guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic

There are a few options to get this done, and what you do depends on how your guild is setup, and what responsibility you have. If you’re in a more formal raiding or PvP guild, there may be rules preventing you from dropping out. This is usually only the case for players that have responsibility within the guilds, such as officers or leaders. This is done to prevent skill drain from negatively affecting the guild. If you’re not sure of any such rules for your guild, you either need to ask or it doesn’t matter.

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Sometimes guilds die off or people just lose interest in the game, but that’s OK. You can come and go as you please in most guilds. If you’re in a PvE guild and what to swap to a PvP-focused one, they’d probably be fine with accepting you. All you need to do to join is often follow any entrance requirements for your new guild, and leave your old one.

The quickest way to leave a guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic is by typing “/gquit” into the chat. Just drop that command in and you will be immediately removed.

Plenty of events have run in this game as well, often requiring guild membership. You could have grabbed KOTOR-inspired gear at one point, just as a single example. You’re not required to partake in any events, but the social and gameplay bonuses for having friends to play with cannot be overstated.

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