What does Karma in Bitlife mean?

How to become a CEO in BItLife

Karma in Bitlife is one of the more mysterious stats though, and it’s kind of weird for new players to understand. This statistic tracks a few things, and it’s worth trying to max out.  The stat is normally hidden, but it does have some impacts even while it’s hidden. Karma is a hidden stat in Bitlife that only becomes revealed when a character dies, so here’s what to do about it.

Just like any other stat in BitLife, Karma can increase or decrease based on the actions you take while you play. One of the positive impacts of having high Karma in BitLife means you generally live longer. So if you’re trying to get the most out of life, you can get a bit of a boost from this stat.

There are a few different actions that both raise and lower Karma in BitLife. These actions are pretty much the basic things you can do throughout the game. There might be more than this added over time, so just take these as guidance. Anytime you do something positive, you get higher Karma. And when you do bad things, the opposite happens.

Actions that will Raise Karma in Bitlife

  • Calling the police or reporting crimes
  • Saving lives during events
  • Serving in the military
  • Apologizing when you insult or wrong someone
  • Helping others and giving to charity
  • Giving gifts to others
  • Any activity that increases Mind and Body Stats.

Actions that will Lower Karma in Bitlife

  • Not saving lives in events
  • Cheating on partners
  • Being argumentative and insulting others
  • Committing crimes and taking drugs
  • Skipping funerals
  • Knowingly spreading STDs and other diseases

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