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Third teaser released for Death Stranding, Tomorrow is in Your Hands

Death Stranding TGS 2018

The third teaser of the week for Death Stranding is out, and it continues the trend of mysterious nonsense that Kojima seems to love. This third trailer follows the first two teasers that have been released for the spooky game this month. There was the “Create the Rope” trailer which came first, showing some kind of robotic elements. This was followed by the “Reconnect” version which expanded on that scene.

Now we finally get to see what those robots or whatever they are were fussing over, a fetus. It’s a strangely Kojima bit of imagery that’s as much shocking as it is confusing.

Check out the third teaser for the upcoming open-world game, Tomorrow is in Your Hands, down below. Death Stranding is planned to  launch on the PS4, with a release on the PS5 possible but unconfirmed. The release date is also similarly unknown. Maybe we’ll figure it out tomorrow. Or more likely we could that and more information about the game during E3 2019. Although with Sony skipping this year, there’s potential for that not to happen.

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This newest teaser once again continue the hands imagery from the previous two releases, adding a third set of hands and revealing slightly more of the trailer itself. It’s very obvious that what’s being teased here is the reveal of a new gameplay trailer that’s scheduled for tomorrow, May 29th.

We still don’t know what that trailer will be, but we can infer that it has something to do with the cycle of life and death. A theme which star Norman Reedus has said is integral to the tone and plot of the game. Prepare to be creeped out when that new reveal happens tomorrow, and of course, ISKMogul will cover it.

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