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How to get the Cautious Shot mod in Warframe


The Cautious Shot mod in Warframe is one of the more sought after mods in the game, thanks to its incredible power. With the complete removal of self-damage in the Operation Scarlet Spear patches, DE has changed many mods and their utility with various builds. One of these is the Cautious Shot mod which allows the player to soak up a lot more aftershocks from their own fire.

The mod itself costs 20 Vitus Essence, which is a random drop from mobs killed within these missions. Keep in mind that Arbitration mission spawns are randomized and not always the same enemy types, so take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of a given enemy type in a mission looking at the Alerts stack. And in many cases, it will be a very situational choice to go for an “endurance run” and stay in a given map past the first couple of rotations, Most players opt to drop after the first few rotations as Endo drops don’t scale infinitely.

Arbitration Alerts reward one unit of Vitus Essence for every rotation completed, with more of it being an uncommon drop from Arbitration Drones.

Keep in mind that players who lose all their health do not enter the Bleedout phase; they die instantly. Also, many passive healing and endurance buffs like the Sacrifice mod and Inaros’ Undying Passive do not work here.

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How To Access Arbitrations

Arbitration missions are unlocked within the Alerts stack once a player has filled out and completed the entire Star Chart. The only exceptions to this are the Mutalist Alad V and the Jordas Golem nodes.

Think of this as the first hurdle of the endless endgame in DE’s popular shooter. These Arbitration missions are also a great source for Endo, a resource you will need a ton of in this game. The Endo is one of the many keys you will actually need to unlock the full potential of various mods, including the Cautious Shot mod in Warframe.

The missions themselves are ranked around Difficulty 60-80, this means that newer players in the range of lower MR ratings will just be wasting their time trying to farm Arbies. These missions need a powerful build. Prime frames with Status-afflicting builds are key to taking on the higher-level enemies. As a general rule of thumb, keep your build focused on taking on the toughest enemies reliably. Using Stuns and the like can also help weaker builds deal DPS while an enemy is stunned.

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