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Warframe – How To Quickly Catch Rare Fish On The Plains Of Eidolon

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Fishing in Warframe is one of the more passive activities you can do on the Plains Of Eidolon to earn Standing and other rewards. Simply head over to any deep body of water with a fishing spear and start catching fish. It’s a nice and relaxing alternative to the shooting and blasting of the normal Bounties, and it makes for a good source of Standing. Before you head to your fishing spot on the Plains though, you need to gather some basic supplies.

The first thing you need is Lanzo Fishing Spear. You can buy this from Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus for 500 Standing. Players will also need some Murkray Bait to use on their Fishing Spear. This is the top-end of the fishing tackle in the Plains, and it will take some work to get it. To get this, you need to have achieved the rank of Visitor with the Ostrons, and it will cost you 5000 Standing. It also helps to get some Luminous Dye, expect to spend a couple thousand Standing buying a supply of these items.

The best way to grind out enough to trade in for Standing if you’re lazy is to just take your Plasma Cutter out and go after mining nodes. The mining drops can be traded for standing at the vendor, and you will need some of the special drops from the Plains like Iradite to rank up anyway.

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Where To Catch Rare Fish On The Plains Of Eidolon

After you have your gear, it’s time head to the spot that will grant you the best Rare Fish On The Plains Of Eidolon. The ocean just south of the Hillside Ruin always seems to be the most common spot for fisherman in Warframe to find the best catch.

There are a couple of reasons you’re heading to this specific spot. The most obvious justification is that it being out of the way reduces the chances of being spotted and attacked by the hordes of Grineer which roam the Plains of Eidolon.

You can also refer to the picture below for a relative location of where to go.

Where To Catch Rare Fish On The Plains Of Eidolon

You’re now in place, it’s time to start fishing. Now equip your Lanzo Spear, and drop both your Luminous Dye and Murkray Bait into the water. This combination will both attract more fish and highlight them against the backdrop of the water. Keep in mind that the best places to aim for are spots in the water with lots of bubbles popping on the surface, these denote concentrations of fish.

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