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Killing Floor 2’s Yuletide Horror is here

Killing Floor 2

Developer Yuletide Interactive has dropped the newest seasonal content for their flagship game. Killing Floor 2‘s Yuletide Horror update is here, and it’s just plain crazy. The patch dropped a new map, and a new boss as a major part of the new in-game event running now. A bunch of bug fixes have also been pushed out with this patch. Several map stability issues, visual quirks and other problems are done with.

The Yuletide Horror update introduces a new boss, the Matriarch. There’s actually a story here, as this new mutant freak used to be Rachel Clamely. She worked as a scientist, although probably more on the “mad” side of things. She’s now become enclosed in a massive suit of metallic armor with all manner of claws and other nonsense attached. Our good doctor here can use these as weapons, but there’s much more to this boss than meets the eye. This is very much a Lovecraftian affair, as the kind doctor can also use a wide array of tentacles to slap you around.

New Boss, New Map and Gary Busey?

Killing Floor 2 is even working on some other holiday-themed strangeness, as all of the Zeds are themed after the core event with the launch of this update. The Zeds in this update are already pretty weird, but things get weirder when you play with the new Badass Santa, you will know the voice of Gary Busey, that crazy person is the voice of a  new playable character in this DLC.

Killing Floor 2‘s Yuletide Horror update is also introducing new weapons for the in-game store. These weapons include the following:

  • HRG Incision: A railgun delivering plenty of shocking fun,
  • Winterbites: A freezing gun, these snowballs are much more likely to cause frostbite.
  • Mosin Nagant: The Russian bolt-action rifle that’s still a fixture of warfare today, equipped with a bayonet for stabbing any Zeds that get too close. (This item is paid DLC.)
  • Riot Shield / Glock 18: Want to be really safe from Zeds? Grab a Glock 18 and pick off your enemies while hunkering down behind the safety of a riot shield. You can also use it to slam any enemies that get too close to you. (This item is paid DLC.)

Each of these new weapons were adjusted in the balance update from this patch, so check out the full patch notes for details on that. Killing Floor 2 is available on Steam for $9.89 right now, which is 67% off the full price.

Source: UpdateCrazy

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