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How to dupe items with Bestiary in Path of Exile

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The economy in Path of Exile is always rife for inflation and abuse. There will be some uber-rich players who corner the market on a Challenge League because of deep game knowledge and pure luck. Part of the game knowledge that they often utilize is crafting. You would be surprised how much currency you can make in POE by crafting solid items.

One of the things that the top-tier players use to make killer items is Bestiary crafting in the Menagerie. Einhar and his little hunts have basically reintroduced a ton of broken crafting recipes that can be used to print currency in-game. One thing you can do with his recipes is to essentially duplicate items in Path of Exile. And no, we’re not talking about any exploits. This method is part of the Bestiary system, although, there’s no guarantee GGG doesn’t nerf it in some way.

With that said, let’s talk about the details

What Items to Duplicate?

You should likely focus on making copies of items that can sell for several Exalted Orbs. The items you use will depend on the market in each League, so keep that in mind. Some items, like those with Shaper or other Influence, cannot be copied using this method.

Let’s say you want to duplicate a certain weapon base that has White Sockets and killer mods. This is where game knowledge comes into play. Remember in our guide on making currency when we recommended checking what builds are most played? The POE economy is very plastic to build diversity. The most popular builds for a Challenge League often have more demand than there is supply for killer Rare items. You need to exploit that when choosing an item to duplicate.

Also, you aren’t guaranteed to get a perfect clone of the item you use each time. There are some steps you need to follow so you don’t screw yourself over. When picking items, choose something that has an increased chance of rolling the mods you want. If you’re making Wands for a Summoner, use something that can roll Minion mods.

How to Duplicate Items in Path of Exile

The first thing you should do is make sure your item has at least one Suffix mod on it, You can use an Orb of Augmentation to roll on it. When you want to duplicate items in Path of Exile, you need to use Magic items as a base with the mods you want as a base. Keep note of the mods you want to duplicate, as you will often need to restore the item you copied from.

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Imprint Your Item

To make the process easier and cheaper, you will want to first use the “Create an Imprint of a Magic Item” Beast craft on the item you wish to clone. You will have to likely spend some Chaos on the Beasts to make the item, but as long as you picked a solid base item worth a fair bit, you should be fine. This is the Imprint you will use to restore the original item, if the craft is successful.

When you have Imprinted your base item, break out a Regal Orb and upgrade it to a Rare. This will increase the number of mods on the item, we’ll explain why that’s important down below.

Split Your Item

The actual prep work is done, now it’s time to roll for the craft. Use the “Split an item into Two With Half Mods on Each item” craft.

Your goal is to abuse the way the game determines which mods end on the original or the “copied” item. if you have an odd, let’s say three, number of modifiers, the copy will have two of the three on it. If your item only has one mod you don’t want, you have an increased chance of getting a good roll on the copy. If your base Magic item had the maximum number of mods, the Regal adds one more. That means that the plurality of modifiers on the item will move over to the copy.

Sometimes you will get a copied item that only has unwanted modifiers. You can usually tell when this happens, as the item that drops from the craft is Rare. If you did your prep right, you should only see a Magic item with the mods you want on it dropping. When you do get an item that has the modifiers, you will be left with an incomplete item in the Blood Altar. Just trigger the imprint to restore it, and you should have two of the Magic item you started with.

You can now craft these Magic bases using other means to make incredibly powerful items.

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