How to Complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

We’re back again this week with another weekly BitLife challenge. Developer CandyWriter loves fiction crossovers, holiday events and other festivities with these events. So, why not throw one into the mix for Valentine’s Day. The previous challenges were very off the wall, with references to various iconic superheroes and films. This week’s challenge is a lot more simple. Here’s how to complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

Here are the Valentine’s Challenge requirements:

  • Cheat on a lover
  • Call off an engagement
  • Marry someone within a year of knowing them
  • Celebrate your 50th anniversary
  • Renew your vows

You’re going to be doing a lot of romance with the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife. Marriage and romance are a big part of the challenges this week, in fact, they’re all you’re going to be doing. Let’s start with the easy part, cheating. You can get into any relationship you want for this part.

How to Cheat on a lover

Open up Activities and choose the Love option. There will be an option to Hook Up. When you’re dating someone, choose that option and complete the small mini-game that comes up. There, you have cheated on a lover in BItLife.

Everything about marriage

When you want to call off an engagement, it’s very simple. You need to get into a relationship for a while, and get to the point just before marriage. If you’re already married, you will have to Divorce your current spouse via the option in Love. You then need to find a new partner and start dating them.

When you pop the question and they say yes, it’s time to call it off. Tap on your Fiancee’s name to make the option come up. Open up Activities and choose the Love option. There will be an option to Cancel Engagement.

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Getting through relationships fast enough to do this in a timely manner takes work. You could get lucky and be born wealthy to speed things up though. So you may want to consider cheesing the spawn of your new character until you’re born into royalty or another wealthy start.

The wealthy start makes it easy to get though the part of marrying someone within 1 year. You can just go on every date you can find, and then swarm them with gifts. You will have the option to propose via the Relationships tab to your date. Just rinse and repeat marriage proposals until someone accepts. Now you can move on to the harder parts.

Renewing your vows can happen last, but you can do it before the 50th anniversary as well. It’s best to do that during the course of that step. You need to age up a total of 50 times while staying married. This means spending as much time as possible with your spouse and just focusing on aging up. Once you do that 50 times, that stage will be completed.

To renew your vows in BitLife, head into the Relationships tab and select your spouse. Scroll down, and you’ll see the option to Renew Vows. Click that and you can go through the process quick and painless.

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