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Shadow of the Tomb Raider patches in Ray Tracing and DLSS

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

It’s been a bit of a rough road for Nividia’s new Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, as gaming developers have been slow to adopt the new sampling technique into their games. Only a handful of titles have taken full advantage of the offering, most notably being Final Fantasy XV and Battlefield V. Now there’s one more name to add to that list for AAA titles, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But not content, to stop at just DLSS support, there’s more coming with this patch.

With the newest optional patch for the game, Ubisoft has enabled support for both DLSS and the Ray Tracing shadows feature.

For the uninitiated, let’s dive into a basic overview of what this means for gamers that want to learn.

Ray Tracing uses a revamped series of lighting techniques that the Turing GPU architecture uses to render 3D scenes and effects. Instead of the typical polygonal Rasterization found in most games, Ray Tracing follows the path from a virtual camera, through a single pixel in a rendered image, to whatever image is behind that pixel. This is then followed up with another pass for tracking the light ray and shadow ray for that previous rendering “path”.

DLSS uses a form of machine learning to “train” a series of routines to take into account the rendering demands of various games, and then optimize delivery of assets with the most efficient use of hardware and power. The company’s supercomputing cluster is constantly training with new data on new games which means much better performance over time as more data is collected.

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And because of both the hardware compatibility needs for DLSS and the muscle necessary to run ray-tracing shadow effects, there’s some very specific requirements for the changes in this patch to have any positive effect. Gamers wishing to use this stuff in Shadow of the Tomb Raider will need Windows 10 update 1809 or higher, Nvidia’s RTX 20- series GPU and Nvidia’s latest drivers 419.35 and up.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Patch #13 Release Notes

New features included in this patch:
  • Nvidia’s Ray-Traced Shadows
  • Support for DLSS.
The following requirements must be met to be able to run Ray-Traced Shadows or DLSS:
  • Window 10 update 1809 or higher
  • Nvidia’s RTX 20- series GPU
  • Nvidia’s latest drivers 419.35 and up.
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