How to get Renown in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 123 update for July 2018

The faction rally is currently active in Destiny 2, and being the newest iteration, players can expect both a new set of rewards for farming Renown in Destiny 2 and a new series of missions. The new Faction Rally offers a new set of tacks to take on, and players should want to do just that. The rally runs from June 5 until June 12, bringing a new set of rewards and other bonuses for players that want to take advantage of them.

How To Get Renown

The first way to gain Renown in Destiny 2 is to complete a variety of challenges. Taking down tough enemies or quests can earn the Tokens you need to turn in for the Renown, here’s the list.

  • Patrol mission (1 Renown)
  • Yellow bar/named enemies in playable areas (1 Renown)
  • Public Events (2 Renown)
  • Heroic Public Events (3 Renown)
  • Completing an activity wearing a full set of Faction armor (+1 Renown)

Be aware that your Renown will reset when you complete a Lost Sector mission. Building Renown in Destiny 2 offers its own rewards, depending on the faction your ally with. Each faction has its own associated exotic Catalysts that can be earned by completing their missions, but you can only unlock a single reward.

  • Dead Orbit (Eye of Another World Ornament, Graviton Lance Catalyst)
  • New Monarchy (Crest of Alpha Lupi Ornament, Sweet Business Catalyst)
  • Future War Cult (Knucklehead Radar Ornament, Sunshot Catalyst)
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The gathering of Tokens will also unlock a new buff that grants increased drop rates for Tokens themselves. The buff can stack five times, increasing the Renown you gain overall. This new buff to players offers a unique mix of tradeoffs. For every increased tier of the buff, you will experience some drawbacks. The list of following effects

  • Reduced agility
  • Reduced health regeneration
  • Reduced player damage
  • Increased enemy damage

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