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Valheim already has a million sales, it’s a pretty great game


Iron Gate AB has a hit on their hands with Valheim, their new Viking survival RPG. With unforgiving enemies spread across a procedurally generated world, you get tons of fun just smacking things in the face with a hammer. But the game is so much more than that. Valheim is a game about surviving this harsh landscape, and that means crafting. You need to make new armor and weapons to hunt with, but also need to worry about food and healing items. There’s a surprising amount of depth for this indie title, so it’s no surprise that the game has already sold a million copies.

That number of sales has also led to an explosion of content about the game. Every gaming site, including us, is pumping out videos and guides about it. Every streamer who has an interest in the genre is in on the fun. The game had a peak of 127,000 viewers on Twitch during its launch. And it looks like those sales all over the world too, owing to the success of the game. We know this because of the peak of 160,000 concurrent users on Steam for the game.

Suffice to say, it’s pretty hot right now. And the developer isn’t letting that go to waste. The team is planning to strike while the iron is hot, and will be releasing plenty of new content for it soon. The developer had already supplied players a roadmap that tells us what’s coming as well and there’s already tons of depth in the game, what with all the crafting and other stuff. So here’s what’s coming so far.

Iron Gate AB has teased that some form of multiplayer is coming for one thing. It’s unclear what the plan is, but it seems like co-op play of some kind might be a thing soon. For other new content, there are five massive expansions planned. These expansions will add new items, zones to explore and enemies to fight. We can expect more bosses as well; and given how fun the existing bosses are to fight, these new ones should be a blast.

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