How to turn on Night Mode on Xbox Series X

How to Sync Your Xbox Series X Controller to the Console

Xbox Series X owners might be excited to learn about a new feature on the console. Along with the 4K-supported dashboard update, Night Mode on Xbox Series X is now a thing. The goal with this feature is to control the intensity of lighting and effects on-screen during nighttime hours. It’s well-knock that spending time looking at certain hues of blue light makes it harder to sleep. This has led to the popularity of apps like Fl.ux and desktop solutions to apply blue light filters and other dimming effects. The October 2021 console update has now enabled this set of controls on the Series X.

Users can also select when Night Mode activates and ends. There is an option to switch Night Mode on or off based on time. Gamers can alter the intensity of the effect as well, by changing how much dimming takes place. The intensity of the lights and logos on the console and controller can also be mitigated.

The most useful thing about this feature is that it can be automatically scheduled. Players can trigger the various visual filters and settings on a timer, making it easier to keep track of.

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There are a couple of ways to turn this feature on. To turn on Night Mode, go to Settings, select Accessibility, and then select Night Mode. Alternatively, go to Settings, select TV & Display Options, and select Night Mode.

You can also alter the appearance and other aspects of Night Mode on Xbox Series X via this menu. The appearance of the light and dark modes, for example, can be chosen here. You can also disable HDR and certain other effects to reduce power usage. If ou have light sensitivity, a blue light filter can be applied in Night Mode menus as well.

How to turn on Night Mode on Xbox Series X

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