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Nintendo eShop goes down on Christmas day

Switch Pro reportedly has upgraded Nvidia chip, DLSS support

The Switch seems to be pretty popular. Anyone who has been paying attention over the last two years, and the console is flying off the shelves. It would seem that the Christmas season has seen a lot of new and old gamers alike grabbing their Switch for some gaming fun. But there’s a problem, the eShop has been down all day.

Users who try to sign into the eShop via the Switch console app routinely get slapped with  Error Code 2811-7429. What does this mean? Nintendo Switch Error Code 2811-7429 basically means that the services driving the eShop are having problems. In other words, you cannot connect to them right now. Nintendo is aware of the problem, and is working to rectify the issue.

The error message is shown as

Error Code 2811-7429

Unable to connect to the server

The network may be busy, or there may be a problem with the server.

Please try again later

See the Nintendo Support website for information.

The best way to get around this is to use If you have a Nintendo Gift Card, you can redeem it via their site, then use the Shop to buy games digitally. They will then be automatically downloaded onto your attached console. This works if you have your account and your Switch profile linked.

The alternative method is to just wait it out. But if you’re a parent dealing with an impatient kid, that may not be a good option.

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