How to Level Up All Stats & Skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Guide to Stats & Skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a very complex game for what it is. Even though you’re playing a hapless peasant in the 15th century won’t stop you from having to go on grand adventures and fight invading hordes. The game won’t make it easy though, as there’s a huge amount of depth hidden in the basic systems.

These stats act like buffs and debuffs and will often relate to one another in various ways. For example, certain Perks cannot be used with other ones. So you can’t normally combine Perks boosting Health and Stamina with certain damage Perks, this is intended to make the game more challenging.  But before we get into that, we need to talk about the basics. One of the first stats you will notice when opening the character screen is Main Level.

You will want to take some time to familiarize yourself with each of these stats and figure out what kind of player you want to be. Your playstyle in the game will be partially determined by the skills you pick. But don’t worry, you can certainly create a superhero of medieval times with enough repetition. The game is designed to be played a bit more balanced though, as combat is supposed to be hard.

What is Main Level?

The Main Level of Henry is determined by the mix of all your Stats & Skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Certain ones will level up with use, others will be influenced by story unlocks. Use the list below to figure out what each stat does and how to increase it. The Main Level and skills are capped at 20 overall, and you will get various Perks every few levels. Make sure to read through all of the


  • Strength: leveled up by combat. Fighting with any melee weapon increases this. Boosts your damage and toughness.
  • Agility: leveled up by archery. Hitting / killing enemies with arrows gives Agility XP. Also from dodging in combat and using sabres / short swords. This is basically Dexterity like in any other RPG.
  • Vitality: leveled up by running, climbing obstacles and surviving combat encounters. In theory you could rubber-band your controller sticks and just run in circles. Your resistance to damage and overall Stamina.
  • Speech: leveled up by talking to people and successful persuasions. Every new line of dialogue (white) counts, but greyed-out dialogues don’t increase it. Used to bypass certain challenges in the game via a stat check.
  • Charisma: Determined by your visible clothing (underclothing doesn’t count). Wear expensive ornaments and high-quality clothing to increase this.
  • Visibility: Determined by your clothing. Also affected by light/darkness and how close you are to people. The lower this value, the better. Dark clothing is good, brightly colored armor isn’t. Influences stealth checks, you want this lower as it makes you harder to spot.
  • Conspicuousness: Determined by your clothing. This value is similar to Visibility. It affects if people will look twice when they see you sneaking around.
  • Noise: Determined by your clothing. Heavy armor makes more noise, soft clothing is better.
  • Speed: Determined by your Agility stat as well as clothing. Heavy armor can lower this value.
  • Health: Health is fixed at 100, you cannot level it up. You can only refill it (eat food, sleep in bed, go to bathhouse). Certain Perks will help with healing.
  • Stamina: Stamina is fixed at 125, you cannot level it up. However, it will be affected by your current health, tiredness, hunger and whether you are overeating, drunk or poisoned. You can also boost Stamina regeneration with various Perks.
  • Energy: Energy is fixed at 100, you cannot level it up. However, it will decrease over time but can be replenished by sleeping in a bed or going to a bathhouse.
  • Nourishment: Nourishment is fixed at 120 maximum. Anything above 100 counts as overeating and can have negative effects. You cannot level this up but it can be replenished by eating food or drinking something.
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Combat Skills:

  • Defence: leveled up by blocking/countering in combat.
  • Warfare: leveled up from combat.
  • Axe: leveled up by using Axe weapon in combat. Even just hitting enemies increases this, killing them with it increases it even more.
  • Bow: leveled up by hitting/killing enemies with arrows.
  • Mace: leveled up by using Mace weapon in combat. Even just hitting enemies increases this, killing them with it increases it even more.
  • Sword: leveled up by using Sword weapon in combat. Even just hitting enemies increases this, killing them with it increases it even more.
  • Unarmed: leveled up by using no weapon (fists only) in combat.

Combat skills are focused entirely on the weapon and your resistance to damage for the most part. Warfare will improve your combos in combat as well. You will generally want to pick a few weapon styles and stick to them to progress in the game.


  • Alchemy: leveled up by brewing potions at alchemy benches. You can buy recipes from apothecary shops.
  • Drinking: leveled up by drinking alcohol.
  • Herbalism: leveled up by gathering herbs.
  • Horsemanship: leveled up by riding the horse.
  • Hunting: leveled up by killing animals (hares, deer etc.). Even killing town animals such as dogs can increase this.
  • Lockpicking: leveled up by picking locks.
  • Maintenance: leveled up by repairing armor with armor kits or weapons with grindstones.
  • Pickpocketing: leveled up by picking people’s pockets. You unlock this skill by doing the side quest “The Good Thief“.
  • Reading: leveled up by reading books. First you must learn how to read by doing side quest “Mightier than the Sword”.
  • Stealth: leveled up by moving stealthily in the vicinity of enemies and performing stealth takedowns from behind.
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