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Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC Announced

Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC Announced

Team Ninja has revealed one more piece of DLC for its 2020 PS4 hit, Nioh 2. The very well-received RPG and it’s bringing a ton of new stuff to the game. The new DLC is called the Darkness in the Capital DLC, and has an all-new storyline and so much more. Here is all you need to know about the Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC.

This is just the latest of many additions to the game. The first major DLC pack, Tengu’s Disciple, also added its own quests and story elements. Players also got to take on new enemies there as well. By also adding new weapon types like the Splitstaff, Tengu’s Disciple made the base game almost impossible to go back to. That’s kind of what Team Ninja is trying to do with this new DLC too.

When will Darkness in the Capital release?

Team Ninja has announced that the Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC will be releasing on October 15th, 2020.

Will there be new weapons and armor sets? A new story?

The new DLC will be adding new armor sets and weapons in the game. Team Ninja has been emphasizing on a weapon that will focus on “hand-to-hand” combat. What this weapon hasn’t been revealed but it should add some decent variety to the core combat in the game.

The answer is yes to both counts. The new DLC will bring new weapons and armor just like the last DLC.

The playerbase will also have access to more new equipment beyond the new armor and weapons. Players will also get new Guardian Spirits, skills, Ninjutsu, Onmyo Magic and Soul Cores. The gameplay will likely remain the same bloody and fast action fans are used to. We wouldn’t expect Team Ninja to make too many alterations. Most of the changes we will see likely focus on optimizing the experience. The developer has said that players should expect some new content and mechanics.

The story of this new DLC will focus on Kyoto City, aka “Heian Palace,” where the main protagonist has once again been caught in some ancient magics. There’s an ancient threat resurgent, and it’s making the already dangerous Yokai even more powerful. The player will have to journey through this lost land to take on new threats, but will have some new tools at their disposal. Players will also join forces with ancient heroes looking to stem the demonic tide. So expect some new NPCs in this DLC as well.

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