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XIX and SOLAR make peace, is Fozziesov the great equalizer for the Russian community?


Around one week ago, the Vanguard Coalition began peace talks with the rivals they had been fighting for months, Legion of xXDEATHXx.  First to the table were Triumvirate. who had negotiated a deal to keep their gained space in exchange for returning moons and general “blue” standings.

Now the other major power in Vanguard, SOLAR FLEET have announced a deal that seeks to end the longstanding tensions within the Russian community of New Eden. SOLAR will be entering into a coalition with the newly allied XIX and potentially TRI and basing themselves of Outer Passage.

The full text of the announcement can be found below:

“Today may go down in history as the beginning of new era for the RU Community. Sworn enemies, Legion of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X] and SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] have signed a peace treaty ending a conflict that has spanned more than three years.

Back in 2008, Legion of xXDEATHXx and Solar Fleet alliances working together to seized control over most of the Drone Regions. Their friendship with other alliances such as White Noise Alliance [WN] and Red Alliance [RED] led to the formation of the DRF coalition, which was strong enough in 2011 to deal with the might of the old Northern Coalition. After the war with the Northern Coalition, DRF was disbanded and its alliances returned to their old and new territories.

After only a few months, the relationship between X.I.X and SOLAR began to deteriorate. The focal point was the alliance No Value [-X3-], which was reset by SOLAR, but retained a positive standings with X.I.X.

In the summer of 2011, the second and the final blow to the already stretched relationship was the departure from SOLAR of their lead logistics director – BigMaman, who stole an estimated 900 billion ISK from the alliance in the form of liquid isk and various assets on their way out. BigMaman was just over one month later into The xDEATHx Squadron [XDSQX] which only further exacerbated the growing hostility and resulted in open war in Drone Regions between the two groups. Eventually, after months of hostilities and with the help of StainWagon allies, SOLAR alliance won, forcing the X.I.X to leave his home and retreat to Venal. Moving to Venal, X.I.X began to rebuild the alliance, and a year later in 2012 they formed the Geminate Coalition.

In 2013, SOLAR was evicted from the Drone Regions by the N3 coalition and their allies after a large-scale war.

Late 2014 a new war began when SOLAR attacked systems controlled by the Geminate Coalition, at first on their own, and later with the assistance of Black Legion [MEN.], Triumvirate [TRI], Red Alliance [RED] and Dream Fleet [DRF]. The Geminate Coalition had allies of their own including the alliances of the Northern Coalition. [NC.], Nulli Secunda [S2N] and others. The fighting initially took place in Geminate, before spilling out into Cache and eventually Etherium Reach. The Geminate Coalition eventually hired the support of Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in the war which quickly pushed back SOLAR and their allies. As the conflict progressed SOLAR and allies lost their momentum and the coalition began to crumble. By the end of the conflict only SOLAR was left, it’s morale and resources exhausted after many long months of the war.

As of the 7th of July the former bitter rivals have announced the signing of a new peace agreement ending the long standing hostilities between the two groups. According to the agreement, SOLAR enters into a new as of yet to be named coalition reforming the coalition of old which will be based in Outer Passage. The leaders of the X.I.X and SOLAR offer assurance to their people that after many years of war that both groups can look forward to working together as equals in a new era of cooperation.”

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