Null Sec Alliance Drama

CFC divests from Delve, PB, Querious


CFC divests from Delve, PB, Querious

GSF CEO The Mittani announced that in the face of the upcoming jump range changes that GSF and it’s allies will be refocusing their efforts to maintain their dominance in key areas of the EVE universe.
Like our frenemies in PL, we’re massively divesting and consolidating in  advance of the patch. We are ditching the Southwest south of Fountain  (that means D, Q and PB), which are all underinhabited renter zones and  moon farms, and no longer viable to hold after the 5LY combat capital  change. Our allies there are relocating into more defensible positions.  We are retiming the whole Southwest in a completely random way, then  selling it off to the highest bidder”

As usual, just about everyone seems to be speculating as to what this will mean for the players that call these regions of space home in the long-term.  It seems rather apparent that we’ll see some opportunistic attempts at land grabs come November.  Who knows, maybe the “Game Preserve” of Catch will see a border expansion. ;)

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