Where is the Purveyor Legendary Vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Where is the Purveyor Legendary Vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Of the many new additions and changes in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, aside from the sea of other NPCs, is one super-useful addition. Or really, it’s a major change to an existing NPC in the online survival game. Bethesda has moved the Purveyor Legendary Vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders. With the Purveyor, a vendor of legendary and powerful loot, there’s a wealth of treasure to be bought for the Scrip in your pockets.

During the last patch cycle, the Purveyor Legendary Vendor was in the Berkely Springs Station. Wastelanders has moved her to a new location on the map though. You can find her in the Ash Heap at the Rusty Pick. It’s a pretty big change, as we’re now required to traverse a much longer distance to reach the vendor than before. Just head to this new location and look right inside the building, the vendor will remain there for now, so it’s easy to find her each time you want to check out what stuff she’s selling.

Reaching her location does offer a nice boon though. The stock she has in store for you each time you visit can be different, but there’s one bonus that she always has. Vault Steel Scrap is one such item, and for 10 Scrip the player can gain access to some rather powerful items. You will need to grind out the Scrip to get the item, but it’s worth the price of admission as the amount of time to grind out any Vault Steel Scrap is pretty long.

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In addition, the Purveyor Legendary Vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders also holds a variety of different high-end armor and weapon sets that can be traded for. The variety of items she has is determined by ratings, and prices are based on that rating:

  • 1-star legendary armor: 15 scrips
  • 2-star legendary armor: 30 scrips
  • 3-star legendary armor: 60 scrips
  • 1-star legendary melee weapon: 25 scrips
  • 2-star legendary melee weapon: 50 scrips
  • 3-star legendary melee weapon: 100 scrips
  • 1-star legendary ranged weapon: 25 scrips
  • 2-star legendary ranged weapon: 50 scrips
  • 3-star legendary ranged weapon: 100 scrips


And in case you were wondering, the train stations in-game all have Scrip exchange machines out front that will take your loot and turn it into the new currency. Keep in mind that the machines only accept Legendary items, so you will need to be doing a fair bit of raiding to get a large Scrip stockpile.

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