How to get the Wanderer’s Campfire minion in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get the Wanderer’s Campfire minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Several new minions were added to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 5.5. This new patch has tons of stuff to do. The patch added a very useful new minion, it’s called the Wanderer’s Campfire. The item is given this lovely description: “Perfect for driving away the darkness and the chill and, most importantly, toasting marshmallows.” The item has a special summon ability that restores 200 HP to all allies within range. It’s a very new item, and it has some FF XIV users hunting for it. Here’s how to get it.

Since the item is craftable, you need to gather some resources to make it.

How to craft the Wanderer’s Campfire

You need to have a Level 80 Alchemist to make the item for starters, so have that first. Once that’s done you need these items to make the new minion item:

  • 7 Water Crystal
  • 7 Lightning Crystal
  • 4 Grenade Ash
  • 6 Sandteak Log
  • 4 Volcanic Tuff

Grenade Ash comes as a drop from Level 40 Quarrying nodes in Northern Thanalan. You can also get it as a loot drop from Cutter’s Cry, the Bomb Baron in Northern Thanalan.

Water Crystal comes from a variety of Nodes, all around Level 30 or higher, which you only need Level 26 in Logging to get. You can choose between Eastern La Noscea (27.8-33.8), The Ruby Sea (21.2-6.8), Eastern La Noscea (17.3-32.2) or a few others.

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Lightning Crystal will come from Harvesting Nodes all over the place. Go for The Azim Steppe (24.6-20.3, 11.0-13.9, 20.0-14.4, 33.8-12.4) to get multiple nodes you can get with Level 26 Harvesting.

Sandteak Log comes from Level 80 Logging nodes in Amh Araeng, and you need Level 76 to gather it. You may also be able to get the item from the 18-hour Woodland Exploration Venture. Woodland Exploration XXIV and XXV for Retainers Level 75 and 80, respectively.

a logging location in Amh Araeng, and you have to have level 80 in logging to acquire it. The final item, volcanic tuff, comes from a quarrying node in Kholusia, and you have to have level 76 in quarrying to access it.

Volcanic Tuff is a bit harder to get, as it only has a couple of spawns. You can get it from the 1-hour Mining Exploration Venture or from the Quarrying node in Kholusia (22.3-18.2).

Once you have all of these items, you’ll be able to create the Wanderer’s Campfire minion.

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