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Aegis Sovereignty – Day One Recap


With the recent release of the Aegis expansion and it’s cornerstone sovereignty changes, New Eden is already feeling the winds of change. Several regions are feeling the sting of targeted invasions by Entosis gangs, as well as the expected trolling by smaller groups. CCP have also released an excellent new video detailing the basics of the new capture system. So let’s dive into it!

The North

With peace now assured between GemCo and the remains of Vanguard, there exist only a few alliances constituting a major threat to the sole remaining large rental empire. Legion of xXDEATHXx have been fighting a small scale conflict against Spears of Destiny for some time now. Cobalt Edge is the primary flashpoint between these two groups as of writing. Currently, several reinforcement timers exist in the region in both SOD and XWX sov. XWX has slowly been losing systems to SOD and this trend looks to continue with the undeniable inability of XIX to respond with equal measure to every timer.

The northern Imperium regions have seen some harassment by small gangs, but no organized efforts at rolling in and taking space have been seen as of yet.

The East

Catch and Scalding Pass have come out ahead in terms of how much Entosis activity is currently occurring per region. The ongoing skirmishes between -A-, NC., and Provi have resulted in several large fights and several systems changing hands over the last few weeks. And Catch currently has nearly a dozen timers active belonging to various entities. Scalding Pass has seen what appears to be a serious invasion attempt of space belonging to Two Inch Terror, with similar amounts of timers active.

The other eastern and southern regions from Insmother to Impass have a number of timers spread across them, but no more than an average of 6 or so in each region. Some smaller alliances like RANE do look to be losing out, but this is to be expected.

The West

The regions of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis have fast become hotbed of content. With a reformed D.U.M.P.S.T.E.R.C.O. squaring off against Elite Space Coalition over R64s and key systems, it’s drawing several other alliances to the area looking for fights. There are a small number of active timers, but I expect this to increase once those who might be planning to roll into the region get organized and launch coordinated attacks.

Fountain has seen Black Legion and their allies Fountain Core gaining systems since HERO disbanded. Smaller alliances do seem to be making plays for the Eastern edge of the territory, an area BL has stated they will not commit to defending. So it would seem the short term will see a contraction of the territory of Black Legion with other groups looking to feast on the riches of Fountain.

Cloud Ring, an area abandoned formally by the Imperium has seen former and current members working to maintain a hold on the region. With control over some constellations being shifted to the newcomer to the area, The Quantum Collective. Who currently have active timers on most of their holdings. The cause of this is currently unknown.

Being that it’s only the first week of the new sov system, we can’t expect too much change. But with the long-promised Imperium invasion of Provi on the horizon, which is likely to draw other groups to the area, we can expect that some major dustups are soon to occur.

Today also released a great overview video fo the mechanics of the new system, you can give it a look below.

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