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Battlefield V offering free gifts for early adopters

Battlefield V Gamescom 2018 Teaser

Battlefield V has gone gold, and it looks like the game is on the path to success. All of this is despite the game being delayed a month to polish the final version. It’s a pretty good indicator of how fans are looking forward to the story-driven War Stories mode, various post-launch plans and other goodies in the game.

Despite the various delays and other wackiness surrounding the game, DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V has in fact gone gold. And in a fitting tribute to both the success of the game, and the passage of the original release date, DICE and EA have unveiled a pack of free gifts that players will be able to claim when the game launches.

The free gifts come in the form of an ‘Oscar Mike’ helmet and emblem. These cosmetic items will be available from the Armory system on release day.

Battlefield V will launch for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 20.

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