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Rauniot announced, bringing post-apocalyptic adventure to PC

Point-and-Click Apocalyptic Adventure - Rauniot - Announced

We’re getting another post-apocalyptic adventure game, yes I know. But I promise, this one actually offers an interesting few twists on the formula. For one thing, it’s not set in the typical big cities of the USA, or the ruins of Eastern Europe made to look like Chernobyl all over. This time, this new game is taking things a little further north. The game also offers a point-and-click gameplay style that hasn’t been seen much these days in modern adventure titles. Today, one-man indie studio Act Normal Games announced Rauniot, a fresh take on a decaying genre.

Being set in Finland, specifically a remote and desolate area within the northern segment of the country, players are in for a real survival challenge. It’s all made much worse by the setting itself, a narrative built around the collapse of society after cataclysmic failures of modern civilization. Climate change, natural catastrophes, riots, wars, rising sea levels and all the other trappings are here. After said collapse, people have scattered into much more ramshackle and smaller communities, barely scraping by on whatever meager scraps they can muster. It’s all very bleak.

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You take on the role of a young woman called Aino whose mission is to bring power to the community she lives in. This task will take her deep into the wilderness where she is likely to be confronted by the reality of whatever horrors exist outside of the relatively safe walls of the last remaining human enclaves. The scattered remnants of human history and civilization are all rather barren, so you won’t find much more than danger in your journey.

Check out the announcement trailer down below. You can already wishlist the game on Steam. And you can also follow the developer on FacebookTwitter, and the official website.

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