How to get Bizarre Megacore in Tales of Arise

How to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

This new JRPG from Bandai Namco has many different items to find. In addition to the bosses and unique quests you find all over, there’s a ton of hidden stuff to unlock. You need various rare drops to craft ultra-powerful weapons for your party. Crafting is also part of the game. JRPGs love handing out solid gear to upgrade your characters with. This guide will tell you how to get one of the rarest items, Bizarre Megacore in Tales of Arise.

How to get Bizarre Megacore in Tales of Arise

The Bizarre Megacore crafting material in Tales of Arise drops from various enemies in the game. It is commonly dropped by the Ooze Zeugles and Earth Mass. Other enemies can drop it like the Granilem. But for this guide, we recommend focusing on farming either Forest Ropers or Oozes. Here are the best locations to find these enemies. You can target whichever one is closer in your game.

Where to find Forest Ropers

Forest Ropers spawn in Gilanne Woodland, nearby to the Viscint Lower Level. There’s a platform part-way through that zone that has four of them on it. Just rush in and blast them down with concentrated attacks.

Where to find Oozes

Use Astral Artes over physical attacks to take these down. Head into the Underwater Waterway zone, there are Oozes all over that can drop the Bizarre Megacore.

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There are also plenty of other mechanics to learn within this JRPG. You will likely want to know how to change Artes sets when you need to. It’s a good thing to alter your loadout from time to time. This is especially true in Tales of Arise because the game even penalizes you for not using different combos. If you use too many of the same attack, you hit the Diminishing Returns penalty, watch out for that. Another key aspect is the Combat Points and scoring systems. This is an important part of the game, so take the time to educate yourself.

If you want to learn how to get other crafting items, we have guides for that. You might also want to check on how to get Demihuman Talon, another useful item. Beast Mane is yet another rare drop from certain bosses.

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