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The Fall is free today on the Epic Games Store

The Fall is free today on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is once again giving away a free PC game this week. The new game is a pretty strange one. In The Fall, you play as ARID, an AI that has undertaken a mission to save what remains of a crew on a deepspace mission. You have to venture out and gather various bits and bobs, while dodging various dangers.

ARID is a very interesting way to present the game and its narrative. The strength of the writing nearly one the team an award. SO if you’re after a more complicated and entertaining, but somber experience, this might be the game for you.

The Fall has been around on PC for some time, as a very unique indie game. This PC game offers a very unique experience filled with religious iconography and more than a few twists. The story is built around exploring a weird underground world that’s filled with mystery and puzzles. Get your shot at completing various intrigue and puzzles by claiming the game. You can get the game for free from EGS until March 25.


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You’ll be able to try The Fall for free on the Epic Games Store today. All you need to do is head over to the game’s page and click that big “GET” button on the side. Epic has been repeatedly offering free games for PC gamers of all different strides and interests. Dozens of titles have been given away so far, and it seems like Epic has no intention of slowing down the fun.

Next week can get Creature in the Well for free, with another interesting twist on various genre conventions. Creature in the Well, a dungeon crawler with a bunch of influence from pinball of all things. Defend yourself with a sword from various projectiles as they seek to take you out.

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