How to change Arte sets in Tales of Arise

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Tales of Arise loves to throw some curveballs at its players. The new Bandai Namco JRPG has a somewhat unique combat system with a lot of action and tactics involved. One of the unique systems is called Arte Sets. As you battle bosses, you may notice that some attacks aren’t doing as much damage, there’s a reason for that. So what are Arte Sets?

Arte Sets are basically move lists for your party. Each character has two active Arte Sets. One will trigger from a series of buttons while on the ground, the other triggers in the air. For aerial combos, you need to use a launcher to go into the air. That means triggering an ability like Severing Wind to start aerial combos.

The Arte system will force players to change up their attacks too, as the Diminishing Returns applies a penalty. So this means that you can’t rely on the same string of button presses each time. Every repeated attack in a string of four will reduce the damage. So stringing together aerial attacks is a good thing. It’s also all but required to keep your Arte Sets rotating.

How to change Arte sets in Tales of Arise

Press and hold the Menu button on your relevant console or PC control scheme. This will open up a menu with many different options. Items, Equipment and many other options will be listed here. Press Artes. Now you can scroll through the list of Artes you have equipped and select one to swap out. Toggle the Arte you wish to change pick it, then swap it with a new one from the list.

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You can change the Artes list for any character by putting them in your party and repeating this process.

You can unlock more options for Artes by buying them with SP from the skill tree.

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