What are Combat Points in Tales of Arise?

What are Combat Points in Tales of Arise?

As a new JRPG, Tales of Arise is a great game and has a bunch of interesting characters and enemies. The players can build their ideal adventuring party and go out and slay monsters. These games often have many different party members in them, and sometimes you need to change things up. The game will often throw bosses at you that require changing your gear and abilities. There are many different aspects to the game.

Combat in this game has many different systems in it. There are the combat penalties conferred by Diminishing Returns that have some impact. And if you want to get the best skills, you will need to learn some very esoteric systems. One of these is called Combat Points.

What are Combat Points in Tales of Arise?

What exactly are Combat Points in Tales of Arise? These special stat points tie into the overall combat system. Party members can unlock new abilities by filling up the skill tree. You will also unlock various items and mechanics throughout the game that helps with increasing rewards for your efforts in this JRPG. One of the best ways to farm rare items is to try and maximize Combat Points in Tales of Arise.

How to earn more Combat Points

You can earn more Combat Points by increasing the difficulty. Moderate and Hard grant more of these rewards. As an aside you can try to increase your Battle Score to earn more rewards. The score that appears after each fight is your score based on battle time as well as how much damage you do and take. There are also other factors, check the lists below for more details.

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Get bonus Points

These actions in battles increase your Score, and thus increase the amount of CP you gain.

  • Finishing the encounter with a Mystic Arte
  • Fighting multiple enemies at once
  • Chaining lots of combos
  • Effective use of Boost Strikes to take down enemies.
  • Finishing combats quickly

Get less Points

These actions in battles lower your Score, and thus reduce the amount of CP you gain.

  • Losing a battle
  • Having party members get knocked out
  • Using items

Battle Scores are important as all get out. High Battle Scores correlate with a few things. At the end of each battle, your party will accumulate a battle score based on your overall performance. You will see it each time you finish an encounter, on the left side of the screen. You will see the XP and other boosts gained by all your party members on this menu. You can earn bonus SP as well, which can be spent on other skill upgrades. The Drums of the Master and Drums of the Legend artifacts increase your battle score and can be helpful for farming. Finally, you can sometimes find various rare drops from a high Battle Score.

As you fill up the Battle Chain and reach the five times multiplier, your rewards massively increase. Keep earning those Combat Points and see what you can earn.

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