How decryption in Mass Effect Legendary Edition works

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The decryption mini-game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a big part of finding hidden secrets in the game. First of all, the system only shows up in the first game in the collection. The developers patched it out after the first game. You often need to do this to open up locked doors and crates. You will find a bunch of hidden items behind these places.

Here’s how decryption in Mass Effect Legendary Edition works.

How decryption in Mass Effect Legendary Edition works

You can get various resources and rare items for your party by opening these locks. It’s a great way to get around and power up your party. Any lock that can be opened in this manner will have a ‘decrypt’ icon above it. You will also see a rating for how much skill you need to unlock it. So when you interact with the lock, you get the mini-game based on the platform you’re on.

You will either see a color-matching game, or you get the more complex game. The console players get the basic button-pressing game where you need to quickly hit the right buttons in order to finish the mini-game. PC players will get a more complex variant that shows a variety of rings and the player is a small triangle. You need to guide the triangle to the center of the circle without hitting the various edges in your path.

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The difficulty of decryption in Mass Effect Legendary Edition will vary depending on your party’s skill with decryption. Later on in the game, there will be a big increase in difficulty, so you need to keep increasing your skill. Each party member that can use Decryption (Kaidan, Garrus, or Tali’Zorah) can use it throughout the entire game. You can also have Shepard do it as well, as long as they have the Sentinel, Infiltrator or Engineer class. You usually want to use the highest-skilled member of your party.

When you try to use the skill, and you can’t, there may be other problems. When you can’t access certain locks, you might get hit with the “Decryption skill too low” notice. When that happens you will need to raise your skill. That means you need to put some time into raising your Decryption on the skill tree. There’s an entire decryption talent tree you should check out if that’s the case.

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