How to use Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise

What are Combat Points in Tales of Arise?

Tales of Arise has a ton of different gameplay systems involved in the latest franchise entry. Like many other JRPGs, there’s a limit-break mechanic. If your party members encounter tough foes that are resistant to damage, these can help bail them out of that spot. Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise are basically the super moves of the game. When you’re fighting bosses and trying hard to overcome challenging fights, you will need to use these attacks. Here is a guide on the basics of using them.

How to use Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise

The Mystics are a triggered attack. While your party member is in over-limit mode, their Artes Gauge fills. When it reaches a certain point, you can trigger the ultimate attack. Pressing the right combination of attack buttons triggers the attack, dealing devastating damage.

Each platform has its own keybinds, so you need to press and hold the right button combo. Here are the buttons to hold for each platform to use Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise.

  • Xbox: Y and X or X and A.
  • PlayStation:  Triangle, Square, and X
  •  PC: R, E, and F
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So that covers the basics of Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise.

There are also plenty of other mechanics to learn within this JRPG. You will likely want to know how to change Artes sets when you need to. It’s a good thing to alter your loadout from time to time. This is especially true in Tales of Arise because the game even penalizes you for not using different combos. If you use too many of the same attack, you hit the Diminishing Returns penalty, watch out for that.

Another key aspect is the Combat Points and scoring systems. This is an important part of the game, so take the time to educate yourself.

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