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Path of Exile 3.12 Release Date

Path of Exile 3.12 Release Date

Path of Exile 3.12 is currently set for release on September 18 for PC and September 23 for consoles. As we know from the last Baeclast with Chris Wilson, it will be a much more robust and large-scale league. Grinding Gear Games has announced that they are trying to aim for an announcement date on September 1.

Another interesting plan that GGG has is that they’re going to begin working on 3.13 while they’re working on this next expansion. The goal here is to complete some of the pre-production work ahead of launch. This will help with the next expansions due to delays around the end of the year for the holidays. And with the release of POE 4.0 creeping ever closer, this timeline will be much more aggressive, and hopefully helpful for getting the major revamp out the door.

The team goes into more detail about how this timeline works. The core idea is that of the four expansions they want to release in a year, GGG has a plan to push one expansion out on a shorter 12-week schedule, while others get a couple of extra weeks.

One final tidbit of news is that Grinding Gear Games has announced a few things concerning community events. The next community event will be a customized SSF Hardcore race for all players. The idea is that players will get to climb the ladder by beating a procession of endgame bosses. The league variant will also include a bunch of mods to increase the difficulty in boss battles.

The event has a crowdfunded prize pool by Community Streamers like ZizaranRaizQTSteelmageNugiyenDatmodzTytykiller and more. Pleaers who rank up in the ladder will earn a share of the pool based on how well they do.

The event will be free for all POE players. You will be able to join the racing event on August 20th, more information can be found in this link.

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