Where to find Fungal Growths in Grounded

Where to find Fungal Growths in Grounded

Fungal Growths in Grounded are yet another crafting resource that you need to find to progress in the game. These items are very useful in crafting certain items, and players will have a heck of a time getting them. You will find the fungal growths to the southwest of the game’s map, but don’t rush there. The area is blanketed in a thick cloud of gas that’s very toxic. Usually, you will want to craft a gas mask to go here.

The sickly yellow hue of the gas in this area of the game should tell you something is wrong. Fungal spores are harvested from enemies that have been infected. The easiest enemies to take care of are the Infected Weevil.

This is one of just many different items that can be found or crafted in the game. You will want to rush for the Tier II tools for a start. You will need to hunt Ladybugs, Spiders and other bugs to find the parts you need for them as well. To craft these items you will also need a Workbench. The next goal you should take on is building a house and setting your respawn points.

You might also want to hunt for better armor, like the Rotten Bee armor, to help deal with tougher enemies. Because some of the tougher Stinkbugs and other foes don’t mess around.

Where to find Fungal Growths

The best place to look for this item is the mutated insects in gas clouds located in the southwest of the map. Throughout the zone, you will find various insects, with the most common being mites and weevils. You will take tons of damage if you’re reckless here, if you’re not wearing a mask. Stick to the outer regions of the zone where gas is less dense, and you should be able to harvest some fungus from the enemies you kill, and possibly nodes in the environment.

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You will need the following resources to make a gas mask:

  • One Weevil Nose
  • Four Gnat Fuzz
  • Two Woven Fiber
  • One Stinkbug Part

Head out past the big rake and head southwest. These gassy areas ar filled with aggressive beasts, so bring some healing items to patch yourself up before you go in. The best way to approach the situation is to don your gas mask and use a ranged weapon to draw the spore-carrying bugs out of the gas. Then you can run in and harvest parts from the infected bugs without worrying about the gas itself. Target the Infected Mite and Infected Weevil and start farming.

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