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Capcom releases more details about Summer events and Behemoth

Final-Fantasy XIV Monster Hunter World Collab

This week Capcom launched the new seasonal event in Monster Hunter World, the Summer Twilight Fest. We covered it previously, so you can head over there if you want to  see the full schedule, but the highlights include summer-themed DLC, new emotes and cosmetics, and a bunch of limited-time events.

But it’s not just a celebration of fun in the sun going on in Monster Hunter World. Capcom also gave gamers a preview of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, this time the focus is all about the new armor set and weapons being brought over.

For those that are unaware, the crossover event between MHW and FF XIV will center around the colossal Behemoth. Behemoth will go on the rampage as part of the Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy XIV crossover event on August 2 at 1.00am BST. Title Update 4 will also be released at the same time, so it’s a fairly big occasion.

Check down below for some preview screenshots and trailers for both the Behemoth items and the general summer events.

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The new equipment from the collaboration is based on the image of Final Fantasy XIV’s Dragoon class. The armor set is called the “Drachen Series.” The weapon is the Dragoon Relic Weapon from Final Fantasy XIV, the Gae Bolg. The Kinsect is called the “Dragon Soul” that you see in blue. And because they could, Capcom is bringing Cactaur enemies into MHW. But be warned, these guys are pretty tough.

In other Monster Hunter news, The PC version is coming soon for MHW, and the MMORPG, Monster Hunter Frontier is getting a new update. There’s even a themed anime special called Legends of the Guild. So if you’re a Monster Hunter fan, you have plenty to be excited about over the next few months.

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