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Detroit: Become Human unleashes last batch of trailers ahead of release

Detroit Become Human Launch Trailer

It’s only a few hours until Detroit: Become Human releases for the PS4, and Quantic Dream are using every bit of last-minute time they can get to promote the upcoming David Cage title. Today, we get the conclusion of the short film series we saw yesterday, but that’s not all. We also get to see a short interview with David Cage wherein he talks about the process behind making the game.

The first video short is a pretty simple in-game interview with Chloe, the first CyberLife android to pass the Turing Test. Which basically means it’s the first machine to successfully model human behavior to a degree that’s indistinguishable from one human to another. But there’s something not quite right with her. Whether this tease ties in to the main game, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The other short is much more simple, simply featuring a cast of androids set against the song “Hold on Just a Little While Longer”, a religious song with some definite thematic ties to the subject matter of Detroit. The revolution is coming, will you be ready?

The last video is all about the underlying conflict between humans and androids that’s at the heart of the story of Detroit: Become Human. David Cage shares some insights into how we views the narrative and how that perception influenced development. Cage also touches on the way that players will have to grasp complex decisions and question their own morals throughout the experience of Detroit: Become Human.

You can find all three of the videos below.

Detroit: Become Human will release exclusively for PS4 on May 25th, 2018. For a closer look at the game before its release, you can check out the latest two short films below, and you can order the game via Amazon, if you haven’t done so already.

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