Does Ninjala need Nintendo Online membership?

Ninjala is delayed until June

Ninjala is a brand new free-to-play game that has a very unique feel and design to both its art and gameplay. The free-to-play action title has a whimsical and cute feel. Players take part in team battles as you zip around a battle arena as a cartoon ninja. It’s much more fun than it sounds.

Some people are therefore curious if you need a Nintendo Online membership to play the game.

Does Ninjala require a Nintendo Switch Online membership?

If you don’t want to pay for the $19.99 a year membership, you do have an option. Ninjala does not require an active membership to play multiplayer. That’s understandable given that some players don’t want to pump more money into the game.

You don’t need an online membership, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If you want to play offline, there is a single-player story mode you can purchase as DLC. The main multiplayer system is free for everyone, so there are definite options for you depending on which kind of game you want.

How to play Ninjala when the servers are down

Since there is a paid campaign you can take part in, there’s a way to get in some time when you don’t want to jump into a multiplayer game. “You can enjoy playing Ninjala online even if you do not have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership,” says the official site for the game. The console will lock you into the multiplayer mode unless you take some extra steps though. If the servers for the game are down, there’s some extra layers of complexity you have to deal with.

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If you want to default to the campaign mode and play singleplayer, you will need to put your Nintendo Switch into airplane mode. This is simple, just go into the Home Menu, and then go into System Settings. The Switch supports Airplane Mode, which is under System Health and Safety information. Activate that and it will deactivate the network connection of the console.

This will be the same as disconnecting the network connection at the source, without taking out the other devices on said network. This prevents the Switch from connecting to the internet, and both disabling future updates, but also online multiplayer. If you have the Switch in this offline state, it won’t try to connect to the servers. So this is really useful playing the singleplayer when the servers are down.

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