How to level up all skills in Valheim

Where to find Silver in Valheim

Valheim is very popular. The smash-hit adventure for PC has found a ton of new players and interest thanks to its compelling mechanics and lore. With so many new players, that means folks have questions. And since there are so many mechanics in this game, folks want answers to those questions. This guide will tell you all about the various skills in Valheim and what you can do with them.

The Basics of Skills in Valheim

All the skills in Valheim will be a part of the gameplay as the game expands. These skills will be used for combat and crafting, and offer players ways to customize their gameplay experience. You can have some skills that relate to certain weapons, while others are all about getting used to the world around you.

You can go around and train your skills in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of skill, you need to do different things to get your skill up. Here are each of the skills in the game listed out, and what you need to do to level them up. Each skill operates independently, so using one weapon type won’t affect another skill.

You can check your skill levels by going into the main menu and clicking on the rune at the top that says skills.

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Leveling Combat Skills

  • Swords: Use a sword in combat to level this skill up.
  • Polearms: Use the large polearm axes in combat to level this skill up.
  • Axes: Swing away with an axe to level this skill up.
  • Knives: Go at your enemies with knives to level this skill up.
  • Bows: Shoot foes with bows to level this skill up.
  • Clubs: Hit enemies with a club weapon to level this skill up.
  • Spears: Do battle with spears equipped to level this skill up.
  • Unarmed: Fight with no weapon or shield equipped to level this skill up

Leveling Environmental Skills

  • Woodcutting: Chop trees down with an axe to level this skill.
  • Pickaxes: Mine rocks and ore veins to level this.
  • Sneak: Sneak around near monsters and perform sneak attacks to level this.
  • Jump: Just jump around to level this skill up
  • Blocking: Block attacks with a shield to level this skill up.
  • Run: Run around the map to level this skill up.
  • Swim: Go for a swim to level this skill up.
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