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When you’re trying to upgrade your gear in Monster Hunter Rise, you will sometimes find you need a specific part that you can’t see to find. There are rare and situational drops for many monsters. Monster parts in Monster Hunter Rise fall into a few categories. There are carve drops that come from carving the carcass or severed tail of a monster. There are also parts that only drop when you break a certain region of the monster’s body. That’s the focus of this guide today.

Monster parts in Monster Hunter Rise are often used for crafting materials. As each monster has a set list of drops, some are harder to get than others. Some players find it hard to get certain drops. That’s because you might not have actually fulfilled the requirements to get it to drop. Sometimes you need to break a part off the face of one monster for something. Other times, you need to cut off the tail and carve it to get certain drops from a monster.

If you’re attempting to cut off a monster’s tail, you want to use a weapon that is meant to do cutting attacks. You can use many different weapons, with something like a Glaive, Lance, Long Sword, Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, or a Great Sword being the best choices for these instances.

For breaking off parts, it’s a bit more complicated. You might be tricked into thinking Hammers are the best here, but you would be slightly off base. Weapons like a Hammer, Hunting Horn, Switch Axe, or a Charge Blade are good for breaking off tough parts, but there’s a way to make it easier. There’s a skill in these games called Partbreaker. This armor skill allows you to boost the part damage your attacks deal, meaning it’s much easier to break off parts, regardless of what weapon you’re using.

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When you do break off a part, be on the lookout for the light pillar on the ground. The monster parts in Monster Hunter Rise glow quite brightly, but you need to pick them up to claim them.

You can use your Hunters handbook to look up a monster and you will get certain information about what regions to break to get a certain part. You will want to become intimately familiar with this information as you spend more time with the franchise.

You may also get lucky and get a Meowcenary route that spawns these items, although it’s a very rare drop if it does happen. Other items can be found, along with this one, via the Meoqcenaries. The likes of Big Fin can sometimes be dropped from certain routes. You get very random drops though, so there’s no guarantee to get monster parts. Monster Broth is another cool drop you can get via these automated hunts.

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