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Path of Exile details Support Gems Plus for Conquerors of the Atlas

Conquerors of the Atlas
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So the reveal of Path of Exile 3.9 and the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion generated a ton of hype. One of the more celebrated changes coming in future POE content is the complete rework coming to Skill Gems. And part of this redo is all about new Support Gems.

Grinding Gear Games just dropped a trailer and some spicy details for six more of these unique new Skill Gems. These new Support Gems Plus are a major improvement beyond traditional Skill Gems in POE. These new Gems are a far cry away from the current system that Skill Gems operate within in Path of Exile 3.8.

Support Gems Plus will bring about a new system of leveling Gems too. No more grinding all the way to Level 20, as these new Gems only reach a much smaller level threshold. The tradeoff though is that they are both substantially more powerful for buffing DPS, and have higher XP values. And with all the reworks coming to Linking, it will completely change how people create builds in POE. Conquerors of the Atlas is about to be much more of a tactical game than previous expansions.

And if you didn’t know, Six Links as we know them today will be replaced with a new system that integrates linking directly within Gems themselves, rather than on gear. A couple major takeaways have been noted with this new system so far. Players will now have many more options for gear and Gem choices, as they can carry more Attack and Support skills for their builds. And since links are more  accessible, Six Links will be much easier to obtain at high levels. The new Meta-Gems will also allow players to create a more streamlined Aura system too.

In total, we’ve seen 10 of these new Gems, with six more shown today. Check out the six new Gems in the trailer below.

This is of course just the latest of many announcements for Path of Exile. The recent wrapping of ExileCon brought many new announcements, much to the delight of fans. First and foremost is the massively hyped reveal of Path of Exile 4.0. The new expansion may still be months or even years from release, but that hasn’t stopped fans from being hyped over Path of Exile 2. The new campaign, completely new systems for Ascendancies and gear, and so much more has totally blown the minds of the fans.

But before that, we have several more patches to get through. And that includes the MetaMorph League and Path of Exile 3.9. The new challenge league is built all around an entirely new boss system, as well as totally redesigned endgame with a new Atlas system. Just yesterday, GGG also revealed a promotional bit of footage for the bow skills reworks coming in Path of Exile 3.9 as well.

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