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Riot Forge teases new title, based on League of Legends

Riot Games

Ahead of the Game Awards this week, many publishers and developers are letting loose and announcing or teasing new projects. Riot Forge, the new publishing effort pushed by Riot Games, is one of those. Riot Forge provided a few teaser images in Tweet that show what appears to be a new game, inspired by League of Legends. No further details beyond the concept art and a teaser saying that there are “endless places to explore in Runeterra.”

Riot Forge hasn’t announced any further details, so now the fans will speculate away. We know that it’s clearly based on League of Legends, but it’s very hard to even say what kind of game it is. It’s possible that this new game could be tied to Legends of Runeterra, a new card game that’s also tied to the MOBA. Could we see some king of ARPG based in the locales of the game, like Demacia, Frelord, the Shadow Isles, and Noxus? Maybe.

Riot previously announced various new games based on their flagship product, as well as some new IPs.  League of Legends is getting a fighting game. It’s called Project L, that’s obviously a codename though. Check out more details in the Riot Pls segment linked below.

We can expect more news when The Game Awards happen this week. Tune in on December 12th at 8:30pm ET to catch all of the reveals.

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