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How to farm Credits in Warframe

How to kill the Condrix in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear

Credits in Warframe are the most common and important resources you need to play the game. The crafting system requires Credits to build anything. So whether you’re building a new Weapon or a Warframe part, you will need Credits. The best players have hundreds of millions of these things thanks to hardcore play, but you luckily won’t need that many to succeed in Warframe. Playing through the game as normal will yield a few hundred thousand for new players once you complete the first few planets. This is enough to build a few weapons and Warframes.

Beyond this point though, you will need a lot more Credits to realize your dreams of building out your arsenal Tenno. Here are some helpful tips for how to farm Credits in Warframe that can help both new and veteran players.

How to farm Credits in Warframe

There are a few different options for farming this currency in the game, with a couple of options being the best choices for most players. Sure, you can just worry about other resources and collect small amounts of Credits, but you will eventually need to target farm a few million if you plan to reach a high Mastery Rank.

Play through the Star Chart

Every single mission rewards a small pile of Credits upon completion, usually around 5,000 or so. Doing the Star Chart until you clear the majority of nodes should give you a steady supply of Credits to start off with. This is the most basic way to earn Credits and is the most important one for new players. You can always get more by repeating missions, something you will be doing even early into the game as you need to repeat missions for Warframe Blueprints and the like.

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The Index

The Index is by far the best source for Credits in Warfame. Players taking on this special game mode wager a certain amount of Credits, and each difficulty level has both different investments and higher rewards. Once you get to Neptune, you will find the Index hosted by Cephalon Sark. There are three levels of difficulty, and newer players are advised to play on an easier level.

  • Low Risk – costs 30,000 to play, returns 105,000 if you win.
  • Medium Risk – costs 40,000 to play, returns 175,000 if you win.
  • High Risk – costs 50,00 to play, returns 250,000 if you win.

Players can take part in this Endless mission for as long as they want, with players voting to extract or continue after each round. At the start of a new round, the enemies get a little stronger and deal more damage. The goal is to kill enemies and collect the Points they drop. There’s a target for each round that the players must reach, once you hit that goal in the round and complete the match, the Credits are rewarded and the initial investment returned.

Arbitrations and Dark Sectors

These two unique mission types will be much tougher than generic missions, and reward plenty of Credits. Arbitrations will reward 50,000 Credits upon completion, but the first Arbitration each day will reward 100,000 Credits. Dark Sector missions feature stronger enemies within unique modifiers on each run. Certain mods will also increase Credit and other resource drops.

Don’t waste your Platinum on Credit Boosters, though the 90 day Boosters might sound useful, the cost is much better spent on trading for Prime Blueprints and the like.

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