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Jump Force is basically Smash but with anime

Bandai Namco Announces Jump Force

Bandai Namco is bringing the anime world together in an all-new fighting game. Introducing Jump Force, a meeting of several major anime franchises including Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Death Note. It’s worth noting that the characters added to the roster will primarily focus on source material that’s predominately popular in Japan.

The announcement trailer featured characters including Luffy of One Piece, Goku and Frieza of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto himself, and Light Yagami of Death Note, so we can confirm those characters are in the game. But it’s up in the air as to what other properties will be involved.

And given the sheer volume of source material that can be pulled from to add characters to Jump Force, we could see characters from many works put into the game. Name an anime or manga property, and there is a chance it could eventually be added in as DLC. JoJo better be in there dammit.

As far as gameplay goes it’s a basic 3D fighter with similar style to Tekken, developed by Spike Chunksoft. Spike Chunsoft is known for other anime fighting games including the One Piece: Burning Blood and J-Stars Victory games.Hopefully they go full tilt and make the game as absurd in terms of story as the Tekken franchise is, although that’s mostly a personal wish as I love absurd plots in games.

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Check out the announcement trailer for the new fighting game below. The game is due out in 2019 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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