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Nintendo Creators Program shutting down at the end of December


The infamous Nintendo Creators Program, the bane of many YouTube content creators, is finally going away. And it all looks like Nintendo is making it easier to monetize Nintendo-related content on various video platforms. The company has published the set of guidelines that will replace the Nintendo Creators Program, and they apply across all of the major video distribution sites, so  YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and more will be open for content creators to use Nintendo content, and potentially make some cash doing it.

Previously, with the Nintendo Creators Program, Nintendo took manual control of what creators could do with their content. The company also took a cut of the profits. Since the program launched in May 2015, videos and livestreams featuring Nintendo games would be subject to extremely obtuse and difficult to work with rules surrounding monetization.

With the closure of this initiative, creators can submit content for approval in a more streamlined process. Nintendo also directly encourages creative input and commentary. Videos of commentary-free gameplay are not permitted for monetization though. The new guidelines can be viewed in their entirety here.

The new rules also set out that only certain websites and monetization programs are eligible for the new version of the program, and that creators may only use officially released content from Nintendo in their monetized content, this does include stuff like Nintendo Direct announcements too by the way.

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YouTube’s Global Head of Gaming, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Ryan Wyatt took to Twitter to let people know how Nintendo was changing to process by which people could work with their content.

“The Nintendo Creators Program is coming to a close at the end of December. You may monetize your Nintendo videos on YouTube moving forward. Be sure to follow @Nintendo’s guidelines below. What an amazing day for all Creators!!”

All in all, it seems like Nintendo is finally caving to pressure to nix or revamp the controversial program and make it easier for people to use their content. The original program will close by the end of December 2018, with the website for the service closing in March 2019. What do you guys and gals think of these new rules? Let us know in the comments.

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