How to become a fisherman in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

BitLife is the mobile life sim where you can do anything. You can take on any job and become a legend in many ways. The game lets you create the ideal version of yourself, or just a complete lunatic. And in the case of some of the hidden challenges and secrets, things get very weird in a hurry. But there are also some more mundane things you can do, you just need to put the effort in.

There are a great variety of jobs in BitLife that you can try to get. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder in your digital life, that’s an option. You don’t have to aim so high in your digital life, though. Sometimes, you just want to relax on the water. Maybe you’re role-playing as Forrest Gump and just want to work on a boat with a good friend. That’s certainly an option. You can learn how to become a fisherman in BitLife with this guide.

How to become a fisherman in BitLife

Getting a certain job in this game is entirely random. Sometimes the devs weigh the odds for event completions, but usually it’s entirely random what you have. The jobs system in BitLife is a bit unpredictable. Usually, the skill you have or the location of your character might impact it. There’s some suspicion in the community that you need to be in a region of the world that’s coastal to be a fisherman in BitLife. So that would mean you want to be in a coastal state in a given country. This has not been confirmed, and it’s seemingly mostly down to RNG.

You also don’t appear to need to own a boat to do it, although that might help, we got the job without having to do that.

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The process will take a bit of luck to get right. You need to open up the Jobs tab, then check the career options you have available to you. The list will randomly populate each time, with an age up or app reset refreshing the list. Eventually, the job should show if you try hard enough. Just keep aging up and/or resetting the app until you get it.

You do get plenty of freedom from the corporate world by doing this. On the downside, the job pays very low, so it’s not the most ideal job to go for.

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