How to rob and loot graves in Stoneshard

How to rob and loot graves in Stoneshard

There are some really weird mechanics in Ink Stains Games’ new title, the RPG sensation Stoneshard. Players pick from one of a few different quintessential RPG classes, and go out into an unforgiving world on many an adventure. Don’t let the retro nostalgia fool you, respite is rare in this hellish world choked by beautiful visuals. Stoneshard has a lot of things to do, and some of them are quite dark. You can even rob and loot graves in Stoneshard.

So in case you are not a seasoned gamer, this old trope actually has a long and storied history. The adventure serials that long predate video games often took cues from the idea that ancient tombs held long-lost treasures. And it seems that video games like Stoneshard have fallen into the same pit. And just like with any other game, you can sacrifice your morals to make some cash by looting the dead in this RPG.

Just like anything else in this game you have choices. When come upon a grave marker or tomb, you can choose to rip and tear at it with your bare hands, but that will take time. To save some effort, bring a shovel along. But be warned, there is a pretty big risk here, several actually. For one thing, you’re exposed to the various dangers and beasts of the world while doing this, so minimizing the time you spend robbing graves is a good idea.

So here’s what you can earn from robbing graves. Each of the lists below is broken into multiple loot tables. You will always roll on the basic items table (first list) as well as the currency odds table (second list). The later loot tables are possible rolls, and you must fail a roll on the previous table to advance to the next one in order. You will roll for loot from both optional loot sets at different odds.

Stoneshard Graverobbing Odds

50% Chance for one item from this list, 50% chance for two:

  • Gaming Dice
  • Rope
  • Simple Earrings
  • Copper Candlestick
  • Straw
  • Horseshoe
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Currency Odds:

  • 20% chance for 5-10 Gold
  • 17.5% chance for Golden Tooth

Optional Loot Set 1

Optional Loot Table 1: 5% chance for a purse with 10-60 gold

Optional Loot Table 2: 5% chance for:

Silver Cup Sheath Silver Clasp Silver Plate
Silver Nugget Gold Nugget Exquisite Casket Thread

Optional Loot Table 3: 10% chance for:

Golden Earrings Silver Cup Sheath Silver Clasp
Aquamarine Topaz Jade Agate

Optional Loot Set 2

Optional Loot Table 1: 40% chance for:

Peasant Cap Peasant Hat Hood Old Shirt
Linen Shirt Peasant Sash Peasant Shoes Pointy Shoes
Riding Boots Travelling Shoes

Optional Loot Table 2: 10% chance for a random “aldor common” weapon that is level 1-15

Optional Loot Table 3: 5% chance for a weapon or armor (50:50 Weapon:Armor) from this list:

Norse Blade Jarl Blade Checkan Barbaric Axe
Skadian Bludgeon Voivode Bludgeon Nistrian Rhomphaia Dwarven Staff
Skadian Staff Bozdogan Elven Saber Nomad Sagaris
Nomad Bow Naval Hatchet

Dwarven Shield A Dwarven Shield B Dwarven Shield C
Nomad Kalkan Nistrian Shield Nomad Adarga
Elven Garment Orient Shield Maaf Shield

If you do decide to start down this dark path, also know that each time you do it, you will take a penalty to both your stats for morality and sanity. Lose too much ground in these areas and your character can suffer some really dark ends.

So if you’ve decided to practice this dark job, you need to know where to look. Graves in Stoneshard are most often found at points of interest, chapels, ruins, and monasteries. These locations are also teeming with bad guys, so you better come ready to do battle if you plan to wrest the treasures from the clutches of the dead.


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