How to kill a Stinkbug in Grounded

Where to find spider silk in Grounded

Stinkbugs in Grounded are one of the major early game threats. These are very tough creatures that can do a ton of damage if you come at them unprepared. Stinkbug in Grounded will waste no time in bombing you with their ranged attacks, and are lethal at close-range, so keep your distance. You will want to take them on to unlock a few key recipes in the game. Here’s where to look for them, and how to fight them as safely as possible.

Where to find Stinkbugs

To find a Stinkbug in Grounded, you need to head to the lower-left corner of the map. It’s the giant rake that you’re looking for, nearby to the main spawn. They spawn close to where you can find the large bug spray can. Look there and you will see these massive bugs. The best wat to spot them is to climb up on the shaft of the rake and climb up it. Use this vantage point to see down into the foliage below.

How to kill Stinkbugs

The best way to take these dangerous foes on is to keep your distance. Avoid getting into melee with them as they can be vicious if you’re careless. Bring arrows and a bow. Gather up as many mite fuzz and thistle needles as you can. You need two mite fuzz and five thistle needles to craft a batch of arrows. To make a basic bow you need three sprigs, four gnat fuzz, and two woven fiber. Keep your distance and fire down on the Stinkbug from afar. This will take some time, as the Stinkbug in Grounded has a lot of health, but just be patient.

You can even stay up on the rake and fire down, then use a glider to glide over to the corpse when you finish the fight. You will need to harvest dandelion tuft to make that item though. Players trying for this approach will also want to practice hitting long-distance shots as well, as it can be pretty tough.

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You will want to scan the parts you get from the Stinkbug to unlock a few different recipes. There will be a gas mask and other items unlocked in this manner.

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