Guide to Smoothie recipes in Grounded

Guide to Smoothie recipes in Grounded

The food system in Grounded is just as complex as any other crafting system in Obsidian’s new game. you start by getting mushrooms and eating those to stay alive. From there, you invest resources in the Roasting Spit and the Drying Rack to cook and preserve food. There is of course an additional layer, smoothies. Yes, you’re going to be grinding up bug bits to make drinks to stay alive.

We also collected a list of all of the other crafting recipes in the game. Check that out if you’re confused on what you need to make something.

So check out the guide below to get a gander at all of the Smoothie recipes in Grounded.

How to craft a Smoothie Station

To unlock the Smoothie Station, you first need to bring the Grub Goop back to the camp. Place a unit of this resource in the analyzer to unlock the recipe. Make sure to grab at least five of it as extra to craft the thing. You need three resources to craft a Smoothie station, check out the breakdown below.

  • One acorn top
  • Four Sprigs
  • Five Grub Goop

Smoothie Recipes

Each of the recipes found via the smoothie station are seemingly random. You don’t need to scan anything to unlock them, you just pop random ingredients into the station to unlock Smoothie recipes in Grounded. So far players have uncovered a few different recipes, which are listed below, along with their necessary ingredients.

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Any three items can be added to the Smoothie Station to make a recipe. Healing and other buffs are applied that make you more effective in combat and gathering. Here are all of the Smoothie recipes in Grounded:

  • Boost Juice: Aphid, Mushroom, Acorn Bits
  • Green Machine: Sprig, Cloverleaf, and Plant Fiber
  • Fuzz on the Rocks: Mite Fuzz, Quartzine, and a Pebble
  • Gastro Goo: Gas Sac, Honey, Fungal Growth
  • Hedge Lord: Three Berry Chunks
  • Liquid Gills: Eel Grass Strands, Plant Fiber, Cloverleaf
  • Liquid Rage: Ant Mandible, Spider Fang, Larva Spike

Watch the video below to figure out more details about this system, like the buffs applied by Smoothies in the game.

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