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AMD Throws Everything it has at VR With RX 480

AMD Radeon GPUs

The first in the line of AMD’s Polaris architecture GPUs has been revealed. and man oh man, is it sweet. The RX 480 is AMD’s first step in pushing VR to the mainstream in their attempts to make high-quality VR affordable for millions of PC users. The RX 480’s current price point sits at $200 USD, UK price TBA. The marketing for AMD draws comparisons between this new card, and other $400-$500 GPUs in terms of performance.

While details remain a bit thin as to how well the 480 will stack up to it’s competition, some specs have been revealed. The RX 480 will feature 36 compute units (CUs)—that’s eight more than the R9 380, and just shy of the 40 of the R9 390—along with some fast GDDR5 memory attached to a 256-bit memory bus for 256GB/s of bandwidth. The GPU will have SKUs for both a 4GB and 8GB variant, with the 4GB model being the one on offer for $200. The GPU will support AMD FreeSync and HDR video via its DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 and HDMI 2.0b outputs.

Now you might be wondering, how much power could such a beast consume? Well, in a pleasant surprise, the TDP for the RX 480 will be around a scant 150W. Seriously. . . Although you might want to be aware that Nvidia has a similar TDP with their GTX 1070.

If these specs translate to the high-end performance one could expect from the Polaris GPU, we could see a new king in the GPU market in price for performance ratios. Here’s hoping that RX 480 can deliver when it’s released on June 29.

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