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PUBG Corp. confirms Charity Showdown with $1 million prize pool


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds  is getting it’s own competitive charity event. The head-to-head Charity Showdown kicks off later this month with streamers and pro players taking part in spades.

Charity Showdown will take place across four matches set in PUBG’s first map, Erangel, with each squad featuring two pro players and two broadcasting personalities. There’s three different positions to compete for, with the prize pool broken down as follows:

-1st Place Squad: $600,000 

-2nd Place Squad: $300,000

-3rd Place Squad: $100,000 

The event kicks off Friday, July 27 at 5.00pm BST and will be held at Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena during the PUBG Global Invitational 2018. Attendees with a ticket to any single day of the GI can attend the charity showdown for no additional cost. The overall Global Invitational event will run from July 25 – July 29.

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