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Ghost Recon Wildlands July update adds new PvP options and maps

Special Operations 2 is the name of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ upcoming update, due for release next week.

This newest update is the second of four planned post-launch releases for the shooter game. The core focus of this update is around PvE and PvP updates to various game modes within Ghost Recon Wildlands. So let’s dig in.

First, the update adds Ghost Mode. This permadeath mode can be used with any difficulty, but it will create a new character for you. You’ll spawn with one primary weapon, and reloading will discard unused bullets in the magazine. Friendly fire is also always on in Ghost Mode.

Any players who are able to perform well in this challenging new mode will receive special rewards, although Ubisoft has not revealed more details about the mode or its rewards for play/completion.

Another interesting gameplay addition is True Solo Mode. This option allows players to completely remove AI-controlled teammates from various game modes, adding to the challenge factor for skilled veterans of the shooter. Ubisoft is also adding new content to the Prestige system, and allowing players to earn Prestige Credits in more modes than ever before, including in PvP modes like Ghost War.

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There’s also some minor additions coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands, like new emotes, costume options and other cosmetic effects being added to the in-game store.

Check out the trailer for the Special Operation 2 expansion down below. All of the Special Operations 2 content will be available to Year 2 Pass holders on July 24, before it’s unlocked for everyone else a week later. The content will be available on all platforms, so that means PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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