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Broomstick League is basically the Quidditch game you always wanted

Broomstick League

The newest game from the developer behind Ark: Survival Evolved is coming to Steam Early Access next month. Broomstick League is a bit like Rocket League but it manages to twist the formula of a modification of traditional football by bringing out some tried and true fictional grounding. Broomstick League is basically just the Quidditch game you always wanted.

Virtual Basement, the developer behind the game, has come kind of out of left field with this game. Even the stylistic choices are aimed at appealing to the Harry Potter fan in you. Stadium designs, team colors and gameplay mechanics are all carefully crafted to appeal to fans of the legendary fantasy novels about witches and wizards.

Millions of kids grew up reading these novels, and this kind of game has potential in the same way that another newcomer to Steam does. Temtem took the core formula of Pokémon and put enough spin on it to make the game feel unique and fresh. It’s still very early in development. But still, many fans are calling it the MMO that Pokémon Sword and Shield could have been.

By combining magical spells and special abilities with fast and effective flying, a player can take their team to victory. The key to whether this works or not lies in the 3D movement. Rocket League managed to create an incredibly engaging and simple fusion of racing and sport, that this new Steam title will surely look to copy to some degree. Hopefully, the developers manage to keep the movement fast and natural, because a big part of the appeal in similar titles is fluid movement combined with high stakes to make the gameplay loop enjoyable.

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The rules of a match in Broomstick League are a bit different from Quidditch though. Matches aren’t set at a certain number of players, as there are match sizes for  1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. Also, there’s not a 150-point Snitch flying around to catch. right now it’s a pretty basic single ball game.

The game will be coming to Steam on March 5th as part of Early Access. There’s also a new beta coming out soon. Fill out the following form to try and get a slot to play in the beta.

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