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Hitman 3 will be Epic exclusive

When will Hitman 3 release to Steam?

Hitman 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive until February 2022. That announcement has left a ton of fans of the franchise rather disappointed, as plenty of PC gamers seem to really hate having to not use Steam. And arguments over the dominance of Steam and the negative impacts that has aside, there’s a definite benefit to having just a single game launcher and directory for all of your games.

The continuation of Agent 47’s iconic story will be getting a bunch of changes beyond being a timed exclusive for that first year. The developer have already announced that Ghost Mode will not be returning in the sequel, for example. So along with the 1 year exclusivity deal for the Epic Games Store, that means Steam users have to wait a fair bit, and they might be missing some game modes.

It’s not all bad news though as IO Interactive has also released a new trailer promoting Hitman 3, showing off a unique new level in the game. Check out the new gameplay footage down below.

And that’s not all. The team gave us more details about this new map as well. The return of Agent 47 might be a bit more spooky than previous games, as it seems he has been wrapped up in some campy murder mystery. Players will take the anti-hero on a journey with a reclusive family in their obviously-not-evil mansion. Along the way, Agent 47 has to play detective, a bit strange considering he’s the one unusually doing the killing. It will be interesting to see how this tone is handled in the rest of the game.

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And aside from the timed exclusivity, you can carry on where you left off in the previous reboot titles. Non-Epic versions of Hitman 2 and 2016’s Hitman will allow you to interface with the new sequel to carry over your save data. This will unlock certain items, and possibly have some impact on the way the game plays. Details aren’t fully known on what impact cross-saves will have.

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